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Six-Day Business NLP Program


The Six-day NLP Business Program offers you a unique opportunity, through effective and practical NLP techniques, to further develop your potential, the potential of employees and of course the company as a whole.

This program is designed specifically for companies that are focused on finding innovative ways to follow the world business trends in managing and implementing them.

The Six-day NLP Business Program includes techniques on how to deal with or create change in order to achieve your personal goals and objectives of the company.It starts with the people who are part of the organizational system. Their internal processes create behavior that affects the environment.

This program will provide you with creativity in the way you manage people, in order to increase their efficiency in self-management and action, while dealing with everyday challenges.

The Six-day NLP Business Program offers you practical tools to create an organizational system that works collectively.

Who is this program for?

This program enables key people in the company to be more effective in managing the three most important elements of an organizational system:

Self, own team and the various stakeholders you who are interacted with at any level.

The program consists of 3 two-day modules for a period of 3 months:

Module 1 - Charismatic Communication with NLP Techniques

You will learn about how you interact with yourself and how your behavior affects the environment, what are the functions of the subconscious and how they create behavior.

Module 2 - Advanced Business Coaching Techniques - System Coaching

You will learn coaching techniques that will give you flexibility and behavior change so you can influence, guide and motivate others. With short and precise NLP coaching questions you can make big changes.

Module 3 - Mindful Leaders and Collective Intelligence

Why is it important for your organization to create Mindful Leaders and how to do it? Mindful leaders are congruent and charismatic individuals who believe in what they do and value healthy relationships. They think systematically and are focused on the big picture. Mindful leaders are aware of the importance of collective intelligence. Using systemic intervention, they provide new resources and solutions to address any kind of team or organizational dynamics.


Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

Patricia Conlon NLP Master Trainer