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There is a solution for everything!

If you cannot make an external change, i.e. to influence the environment and events, internal change is always possible!

It sounds simple, but it is this inner change that requires awareness, agility, adaptability, flexibility, resourcefulness, endurance and of course systemic perception.

Agility, resourcefulness and flexibility are also needed to make choices in the way you behave and act to get the desired result. But that is not enough.

It requires awareness, agility and flexibility in the system in which you operate. It requires systemic awareness.

The systemic approach identifies the processes of communication and behavior in the system based on the values ​​and beliefs of the group, i.e. system.

In the background of behavior, action, motivation, decision making, and all other everyday personal and professional processes, all the dynamics of the family systems we come from are intertwined.

Discovering, understanding and resolving unconscious patterns dynamics in any type of systematic relationship can create a significant change in perception, behavior and action. These dynamics cannot be resolved without understanding the dynamics of the group, the system.

The Systemic NLP program, due to nonlinear thinking and systemic intervention, provides new sources and solutions for resolving any kind of personal, team or organizational dynamics.

The system NLP Practitioner program that is implemented in the Center for Business Psychology, is part of the new, fourth NLP generation and is much more than a set of techniques for better personal and professional development!

This program was developed and created by Marina Anchevska, NLP Master Trainer internationally certified personally by the founders (Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier) at NLP University, Santa Cruz, California, USA. https://www.linkedin.com/in/marina-anchevska-

The program is accompanied by top quality materials, exercises during and between modules and experiential learning.

Individual approach is included in the program. Although working in a group, each participant receives special attention through coaching to get answers to own questions and challenges.


Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

Zoran Parizov NLP Master Practitioner

Patricia Conlon NLP Master Trainer

- Individuals who want to develop and look at themselves from another perspective - systemic.
- Professionals who manage people and processes and who want to strengthen their own leadership and coaching skills.


You get 3-in-1:
- Internationally certified and accredited NLP Practitioner Program;
- Basics of System Operation with NLP techniques;
- Individual System Coaching.

You also receive TWO CERTIFICATES:
- NLP Practitioner Program Certificate, valid worldwide, accredited by ABNLP,
- Certificate for Basics of System Operation with NLP techniques, accredited by the Center for Business Psychology, System and NLP.

Each participant receives special attention through coaching, to get answers to own questions and challenges.

You also get a valuable FREE BONUS
- The best kept secret practiced in only a few NLP training centers in the world - a mysterious exercise with which you will experience a wonderful life experience;
- Lecture on the most powerful NLP method - Re-framing with system approach;
- Points of You Seminar - personal, professional and organizational development methodology that will allow you to look at things from a new perspective.


  • Through the holistic model of change you will be able to easily manage your behavior;
  • You will discover which part of the brain controls your life and how you can consciously influence it;
  • You will discover the structure of your thinking, i.e. coding the information gained from your personal experiences and how to adjust it in a different context;
  • You will discover the unconscious systemic, i.e. family dynamics in order to resolve and understand them, which is in fact crucial in creating effective changes in everyday life;
  • Through the communication model you will learn how to adjust your communication to be a clear, influential and charismatic communicator;
  • You will learn simple techniques that will allow you to easily and simply manage your emotions;
  • You will discover deep unconscious values ​​in yourself and will be able to recognize the values ​​in others in order to motivate the true potential of each individual;
  • You will learn how to set clear goals and define smart strategies and effectively manage operations, processes, and even entire organizations and corporations.
  • You will develop skills for identifying and dealing with conflict situations and challenges, understanding them and reducing stress, which is very useful for developing self-confidence, self-assurance and self-belief;
  • You will become adept at creating greater respect for other people's feelings and unique behaviors, which in turn allows for better empathy and cooperation;
  • You will improve skills to advance your own leadership skills to inspire and motivate others;
  • You will learn how to easily and quickly access all the resources you need, transform your life and achieve great success in everything you do.


Module 1: Communication with self - Our internal dialogue.

Dedicated to discovering where do you stand at the moment and what you want to achieve. To reach your goal you need to be aware of and understand the way you interact with yourself and how it is reflected in your environment. It starts with how we respond to what is going on in the environment and what actions we take.

Module 2 - The language of the subconscious

Dedicated to the structure of behavior. It is much more important to focus on the way you create behavior than on the behavior itself. If you change your thinking structure you will also change the outcome of it. Also, the language we use has a certain structure.

Module 3: Strategies

We all have and act upon certain patterns we unconsciously create. These templates create strategies and they are actually our habits. You will learn practical techniques for bringing awareness to your limiting habits and developing new, inspiring and motivating habits that will guide you to achieving your personal and professional goals. Strategies come from beliefs and values, and we take them over from the environment in which we are raised.

Module 4: Change the way you look at things

What would it be like if you could change the way you experience things and give them another meaning?

Module 5: When the comfort zone is no longer comfortable

What is your ability to manage yourself? You will learn practical techniques to easily and simply change your inner state and manage yourself in any situation.

Module 6: Timeline - In the past the future is always present!

One of the most powerful NLP techniques is the timeline work and the emotions that are associated with all our memorized events. In order to deal with the emotions associated with past experiences we divide ourselves into different parts.

Module 7: Create your future in a personal and professional field

What are your goals and what changes do you want to make? Systemic approach in organizational systems.

 FINAL Day: Presenting Your NLP Knowledge and Awarding Your Accredited NLP Certificate!



The Systemic NLP PRACTITIONER program lasts 18 days of which:
* 14 days distributed in 7 modules of 2 days for conducting the theoretical part of the program and practical exercises,
* 3 days of questions and answers and practical exercises with a total duration of 18 hours, divided into 6 terms of 3 hours each,
* Last day for presenting the acquired knowledge.

The program takes place over a period of 8-9 months. The modules are organized at a time interval of 4-5 weeks between the modules.

- EXCLUSIVELY FAVORABLE CONDITIONS AND DISCOUNTS for participation of 2 or more people from the same company!

More information, registration and reservation at:
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Any change process should start with reflection on the point where you stand now.

 Invest in a unique education that is enabled through the accredited Systemic NLP program and look at your life from another, expanded and upgraded perspective.